2 weeks in the bag!

I just keep sighing with relief. It feels so nice to be back in control. It's funny to me that I crave this control and structure yet I allow myself to spiral into my old habits so often. I don't just feel healthier physically, my head is clear and I am ready to take on the world!

I am doing 30 mins of exercise daily and sometimes I am getting some bonus exercise in when I lift weights while watching TV. It's all baby steps. It's tough during the week as I spend so many of my waking hours in my office working. That is not something I can change but I am working to make my weekends as active as possible. So above and beyond doing deliberate exercise but I am trying to just get out of the house and keep moving.

This week I lost 2 pounds.



  1. It does feel good when everything fall into place the way we want it. I just can never figure out when i'm doing great and enjoying the journey why i stop doing it??
    2 weeks back doing what you need to is great!! Have a great week.

  2. That's awesome! Congrats on the loss :)

  3. That's awesome. Love the idea of doing weights while watching TV.
    And it sure helps that the weather around here is getting better.