Body Bugg

My mom just bought me a Body Bugg. I have seen them used on the Biggest Loser but I don't know much about them yet. It is exciting though! I am hoping I can get some information about how many calories I am really burning. I have a feeling the results may be disappointing. My metabolism is slow, I know it is. When I try those general calorie burn calculators online they say I should be burning over 3000 calories a day. However when I cut my calories to 2000, I still don't lose weight. I have to go at least to 1800, and sometimes all the way to 1600 if I am not getting much exercise. It has always been very frustrating. I will be trying it out soon and reporting back to you. Has anyone else out there tried it? Any tips or advice?


  1. oh how funny! I just got a body bugg too! I never trusted the BMRs on the websites, I'm having a lot of fun checking this out! It was weird that it started out with a certain calorie burn assumed for the day so far. Can't wait to see how you like it!

  2. I looked into it once, but I didn;t like thae fact that you had topay for the machine and then also pay for a subscription to the site, so I decided against it. It looks awesome though, it will be really useful to find out for sure how many calories you are burning so you can plan around it properly.

  3. off to goggle Body Bugg! What in the world can it be?