I really need to shrink back into my old pants. See, I have lots and lots of clothes. I have them in many sizes. In fact until I weigh less than 250 I likely will not need to buy a thing. It makes my husband crazy. I take up TWO closets in my house. I have never given up hope that I will lose the weight so I can never get rid of the smaller clothes. Unfortunately, last time I lost weight I did get rid of some of my clothes. I believed if I did I wouldn’t gain it back. But, I did. So when my pants started getting too tight I had to buy some more. I refused to buy more than 2 pair of pants. I wouldn’t stay this heavy long but I had to wear something! (I still had shirts that fit.) So, I bought two pair, I think that was about 5-6 months ago. However because I only had two pair and my legs rub together they are wearing out quickly. I will NOT buy anymore in this size. I know if I lose 10 more pounds I can fit into alot of my old pants. Luckily my pants feel looser even though I have only lost 9 pounds. I think part has to do with weight and part as to do with bloat. One of my pants is seriously on its last leg, any minute now I know there will be a hole where my legs rub together and then I will be down to one! I can’t wear the same pants everyday!! I already hate alternating. I must be out of these pants asap! (And into new one’s of course.)


  1. I drive my husband crazy too. I have most of our walk in closet filled with clothes I can't currently wear but I refuse to put them away because that would be admitting defeat in my eyes. I haven't worn them in well over 2 years (about a month after I got pregnant) but if I box them up or God forbid give them away it would be like saying I am never going to be that size again. I bought a couple of things after I had my youngest (approaching 2 years ago) because I was sure I wouldn't need much to get by until I lost the weight. Heh. But I refuse to spend any more $ on clothes in this size.

  2. I can totally relate to this. I just wore a hole through my pants the other day and I was trying despritely to not have to buy the same size pants. I got them from Target though, so I can't complain about the price. I know I only have another 15 lbs before I'm comfortably in the next size down, so that's why I was so bummed. Damn thighs! Love your blog... just found it.