I finally tried the Shirataki Noodles...

I have been hearing about the Shiratake noodles for years. I was very skeptical about them and never got around to trying them. I was wandering around Whole Foods where I like to get my produce and I saw them in the dairy section. They were $1.99 a package and they had two varieties fettuccine shaped and spaghetti shaped. I bought them both and thought I would give them a whirl. With only 40 calories in an entire package I couldn't pass it up. How bad can they be?

I read some review on these and honestly it got me kinda nervous. People seemed to think they were the best things on earth or completely disgusting. I saw very few people who had had a middle of the road experience with them.

I followed the directions on the package and had them with my hubby and parents with my mom's spaghetti sauce. These were the reactions:

Dad: "These are really weird!" "You have to put a lot of sauce on them." "I guess I would eat them again."

Mom: "These are okay." "I love that they are low in calories." "I would eat them sometimes."

Hubby: "These are disgusting." "I hate the funky texture." "I am not up for these again."

My thoughts: The texture is different. They are more chewy than regular pasta. They do not taste like anything. They smell weird at first but once you boil them they smell neutral. I was not really a fan of the fettuccine but I actually did like the spaghetti version. Since the noodles were thinner you did not notice the texture as much. I would eat them again if I was really craving pasta. Its great that it is so low in calories and they have some fiber in them.

Have any of you tried them? What are your thoughts?

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  1. I have not tried these, but only because I can't find them around here! I have had konjacu (sp), which I actually have in powdered form at home, which is what the noodles are made from and it has no taste.