The First Step

So, I started getting serious about changing my life about 32 days ago. Like many other good intentioned people I jumped on the band wagon and started my new lifestyle ( I am not into "diets") on January 1st 2007. I have done this many years before. In fact I am pretty sure this has been my "resolution" every year since I was 14. I have struggled with my weight ever since I hit puberty. I first saw the dreaded 200's my sophomore year of high school and first saw the horrifying 300's was in 2004. I got married in July of 2004 and it only got worse from there. (Not my life just my weight...well sometimes I wonder if I can separate the two. They are so intertwined. But what I am saying is, getting married was wonderful and my husband is amazing but my weight got even more out of control after the wedding.) I ignored the scale my whole first year of marriage. When I finally decided to see how much I weighted in summer of 2006 I was shocked and appalled at the number I saw. I knew I had gained a little more weight but nothing could have prepared me to see that I now at 360 pounds was only 40 pounds away from 400! This launched me into a very deep depression which of course leads to more unhealthy eating! I made a lot of little attempts to lose weight last year but could never stick with anything more than six weeks. This time I feel more determined than ever before to achieve my goal. There are lots of reason's I want to lose weight that are pretty common, I want to be a better wife, I want to buy clothes I like, I want to fit into all chairs with arms, I want to feel lighter on my feet, I want to avoid disease, but something that is driving me more than all those is this: I have been trying to get pregnant for almost 2 years now. I feel the reason I am unable to conceive is weight related. They have not been able to find anything else wrong with me. I really want to have a baby. I don't want to waste any more time. I want to get healthy now and hopefully have a baby. So I will be logging my thoughts, trails, successes here. Writing really helps me to stay on the right track.

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  1. I applaude your efforts and congrats on making the first few steps!

    Our stories sound similar. I, too, was always overweight, I've always struggled with weight and have begun every year as far as I can remeber on a 'diet'.

    I, too, was appauled when I stepped on the scale and saw 301 pounds. That was my breaking point. I want all the same things you do, cute clothes, healthier life, being a better/more able person.

    I, too, have been trying to have a baby for over 2 years. I know my problem is not weight related but I know that it is very important for me to be as healthy as possibly if and when we ever do get pregnant. I also want to pass good eating habits onto my children and believe that can't happen until I get a grip on them myself.

    I'm very excited to read your blog as your weight loss begins. I wish you all the best.