Valentine's Day Without Chocolate?

I am not a huge fan of Valentine's Day and I never really have been. It's not because I spent countless Valentine's days alone feeling like the worlds biggest reject while my friends and family were being fawned over by men. It's for another equally popular reason: I don't need someone to tell me what day to tell people I love them. I like to be spontaneous and sincere. Secondly, Valentine's day really centers all around Commercialism. I know most holiday's do however at least Christmas and Thanksgiving mean more to me than food, presents, and decor. If Valentine's day was really about love and not buying as many over priced flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals, and jewelry as you can buy to show people you "love" them maybe, I would be okay with it. I see so many people thinking they gave flowers and a card and are going out to dinner with their loved one(s) and thinking they have fulfilled their romance quota for the year. I realize that Valentine's Day does have a lot of significance to some, a couple of my friends got engaged that day and I know some people that choose the 14th for their wedding day. However valentine's has always been just another day to me, another day where I can justify eating one of my favorite foods: Chocolate. Not only eating chocolate but eating lots of it...WHY? Because its valentine's day and its EVERYWHERE. Its at home, its given to me as gifts, its at the office, huge delicious displays of it are set up everywhere I go this holiday. This Valentine's Day I have changed my lifestyle and will no longer overindulge. Does this mean I will have Valentine's Day without Chocolate? No, it doesn't. I decided that part of my new lifestyle is learning to have treats but not eat them with reckless abandon. There is a great local chocolate shop called Hoffman's that make there own Chocolate and it is the very best! My husband bought the smallest box of Hoffman's chocolate he could find. It contains four delicious pieces for 200 calories. So, I will not eat the chocolate my sister gave me, or the chocolate cookies my neighbor gave me, or the endless chocolate given to me by friends and co-workers around the office today. But I will enjoy every bite of my Hoffman's chocolate, and not a calorie more.

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  1. Hi - I found your blog from Sarah's (Weighing in with my .02). I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am not only by your weight loss so far, but by the way you have kept up with it, with blogging, with not letting a bad weekend keep you down (my biggest downfall is all or nothing behavior that quickly becomes altogether nothing behavior).