Thin is like Heaven

Thin is somewhere I have never been before. I've seen it in stories of other people's lives and I have heard about it countless times but I have never experienced it for myself. Thin is almost like Heaven to me. It sounds great, I want to get there one day, I can try and imagine it, but it almost seems mystical and at times maybe even mythical. As I think about the greatness of being thin a part of be wonder's can I really get to this place? Does it really exist for me? How can I know for sure? I have never felt thin, tasted thin, seen thin. When will I get there, will I know it when I do? It's an abstract idea in my mind. It's a hope but it hardly feels like a possibility. Maybe the closer I get the more clear it will become but it until then, this long hard journey to thin IS by faith alone.

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