Product Review Post: Amy's Frozen Meal's

Most of the time I try to cook my dinners from fresh. I do a lot of stir fry's with lots of veggies and chicken. I make a lot of fish with sautéed veggies. I try to keep sweet potato's and brown rice on hand if I want a side. Let's face it, my life is busy, I am not always prepared but I need healthy delicious food at my finger tips to succeed in weight loss. I started looking at different Frozen Foods to keep around for those night's I just didn't have time to cook. There were your typical finds: Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine, which I do enjoy on occasion. To my delight I also found Amy's frozen meals. The are a vegetarian line and although I am not vegetarian myself, I do enjoy vegetarian foods and love to load up on veggies. These meals come in so many different variety's and are so yummy. They taste fresh and the ingredients are all whole foods. As an added bonus is that this company is using organic ingredients. The calories on these have quite a range so it was easy to find things that fit in with my life style. Out of the things I have tried, my favorites have been the Cheddar Cheese Burrito with Beans and Rice and the Garden Vegetable Lasagna. Honestly, I have liked everything though. The only downside as with many frozen meals is the sodium content. Although they do make a few low sodium meals. You may want to check it out. www.amys.com Thank you Amy, for making my tummy dance and my waist line continue to shrink.

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