I'm feeling a little saucy!

Since I have changed my lifestyle I have keeping a close watch on what I put in my mouth. It's been challenging to find ways to make things taste delicious without adding lots of high calorie condiments, lots of salt, or sugar. I am not saying I have cut those things completely out of my life but want to use them as little as possible. Well, I have met a new friend who has made food so much more enjoyable. Hot Sauce! I guess I used hot sauce now and then in my old lifestyle but I never really looked at the nutritional information. It only have 5 calorie per TABLESPOON! With hot sauce a little goes a long way, so I might be adding 15 calories to my meal at most. Also, there is no sugar and very little sodium. I have been eating my spicy little heart out. I guess this wouldn't help people who don't like spicy food but for me it was a savior. I have been adding it to veggies, stir fry, garden burgers, grilled chicken, even salad dressing to give it an extra kick. It also doesn't hurt that I read some studies saying that spicy food may increase your metabolism, an added bonus. I think hot sauce and I are friends for life.

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