The Scale

So, you may be wondering why I haven't post my weight yet. When I weighted myself the summer of 2006 I was a shocking 360 lbs. I went on a crash diet at that time and lost 20-30 pounds. However once the holidays came I started to gain all the weight back. My clothes were tight again and I felt horrible. On Jan 1 I weighed myself and the scale said 344. For the next three weeks the scale messed with my head and went wacky. It would say I gained 6 pounds one day and then lost 9 pounds the next. I feared the worst and I was right. The scale was broken. When I finally weighted myself on January 20th on a scale that was not broken it said I weighted 342. Today I weighted 332.8. Because of how I felt and looked I think I was about 360 or 355 when I started on Jan 1. So I have lost in my first 6 weeks about 20 pounds or so. I am happy with that. Since I have so much to lose it seems like a drop in the bucket but it is a baby step toward my goal. I consider any day I did not gain weight a success.

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