Oh go ahead, INDULGE!

Yes, I am actually telling you to go out and indulge, just not in food. People often feel deprived when they change their eating habits. For some, eating was there source of entertainment and maybe even their hobby. For me it could be a little of both. I am often referred to as a Foodie. (http://www.m-w.com/dictionary/foodie) I don't just love food, I love good food and I am actually kind of a food snob about some things. I think for most people food can be entertainment at times. If not the sole source of entertainment it's so intertwined with most of the things we do for pleasure. I have started to make a list of all the things I would like to indulge in that has nothing to do with food. These are things I will reward myself with along the way that will not interfere with my healthy lifestyle:

A Concert
A Broadway Show
Art Class
Music (CD's, downloads)
Getting my Hair done
New Running Shoes
Play Pool
Go to the Zoo
Plant a Garden

There are more things but you get the idea. Some of you may be thinking that these are things you would do anyway so its not really a reward, but for those of you that don't know me I am really really frugal and very low maintenance. This doesn't mean I don't love doing these things but I usually give them up to save money. The other half of you may think this is a really expensive way to reward myself and keep me on track. However, I have found since hubby and I have changed our eating habits I have cut our grocery bill by 1/3 which adds up to a significant amount of money per month. This is the money I will be using for rewards. I also will not be indulging every day or even every week. My first reward will be new running shoes. My shoes are still okay but they are not my favorite. Somehow it is easier to work out when you are stylish. So this reward will be fun to shop for and wear but it also helps me further my healthy lifestyle with exercise. Next, I think I will go for a pedicure. I haven't have one in a year and I LOVE them! After that we will see. I'm upping my quality of life without upping the calories. Gotta love that.


  1. Excellent plan! :)

    Are those Asics the ones you're getting? I think they're really cool. Though my workout gear is mostly lime green, black and grey.

  2. Hey Ezpy, yep those are the shoes I am buying this weekend. I love them. My workout wear is all black, pink, purple, and blue. I love lime green, I wish I wore that color well.