Weekend's are Hard!!!

It is so much easier to stick to my new lifestyle on the week day's than the weekend's. On the week days my days are so scheduled and fast paced that I don't even have time to think about eating. I have everything portioned out for me and I eat what I have and that's it. At home I have planned a dinner schedule so there is no thinking there ether. But when those sneaky weekend's pop up they seem to give me temptations everywhere I look. The late night pizza my husband is eating. The endless request's to go out to lunch or dinner. The popcorn and chocolate at the movies. On the weekday's I eat at specific times through out the day, but on weekends the schedule goes out the window. It's easy for me to forget to eat, get to hungry and eat any thing in sight. Luckily, I was able to fight off temptation this weekend and stick with my new way of life. I just felt like I should wear full armor and carry a big sword every where I went. "Get back I say unhealthy food or I will have to use this sword."

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