Monday Weigh In: 327.5

327.5 today yes, I lost half a pound in the last week and I think I know why. My dear Husband was away and I did not exercise like I should. It's so much nicer to have a work out partner. I also snacked a little more this weekend. I went to a couple parties that I wouldn't have gone to but I was lonely with out hubby. A handful of this and a handful off that turned into extra calories. I didn't pig out or anything but I know it slowed my weight loss for the week. A lot of the snacks were salty and I am a bit puffy as well, I think I am holding some water. So in essence the reason I did not lose more weight was all my husband's fault! Of course I am only joking, I need to learn to go to the gym with or without him. I feel great though and know I am on track. In fact, I think in a couple weeks I will need new jeans, mine are delightful getting baggy.

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